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Import Line-Filter's VNWA data into EXCEL.

Measure and extract the S21 frequency characteristic data of the Line-filter as shown in the photo below.
Import the extracted data into EXCEL.
VNWA:Vector network analyzer (VNWA3E) DG8SAQ

If the frequency is below 100MHz, there is no problem with a measurement jig like the one in the photo above.
First, start EXCEL and open the file you just saved by selecting File → Open.
At that time, select all files.
 When you open the file, a window like the one below will open, so follow the instructions in the image. 
 The data above 100MHz is shifted one square to the left, so we will correct it. 
 Convert Line-Filter's VNWA-s1p data to dB and impedance.
Click here to download the S21-s1p-dBZ calculation sheet.
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