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SMPS Design procedure

 Explain the design procedure of Offline Switch mode Power Supplies.
Power supply specifications
  Client request. Check safety standards.
Selection of the main device
  Select a main device that satisfies the power supply specifications.
Transformer design
  Calculates and draws transformers to specifications and selected main devices.
Schematics and bill of materials
  Create a schematic and bill of materials from the main device datasheet and transformer calculation results.
PCB design
  Design a PCB board for the power supply board prototype.
Switching waveforms
  Check the switching waveform for any abnormalities in operation.
Regulation and efficiency
  Check if the input/output characteristics and efficiency are as specified.
EMC noise
  Check if the EMC noise satisfies the specification.
Output noise
  Check if the output ripple and spike noise meet the specifications.
Protective function
  Check the operation of overload protection and output overvoltage protection.
Dynamic characteristics
  Check the rise waveform and control characteristics of the output voltage.
Temperature rise and life
  Calculate the temperature rise of key components and estimated lifetime of electrolytic capacitors.
  Check margin for maximum ratings for all components.
 ※Reliability tests and safety tests are omitted because they are not the job of design engineers.

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