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●Career introduction of the director of the laboratory
  ・8 years of transceiver design for HF/VHF amateur radio
  ・27 years of switching power supply design
●Details of Laboratory Director Career
  When I was a student, I obtained an amateur HAM radio engineer qualification and enjoyed radio communication and making antennas.
  Experienced 8 years of HF/VHF HAM radio transceiver design at the design engineering department of a Japanese radio transceiver manufacturer.
  I have 8 years of experience in designing wireless transceivers, and was scouted by the president of a switching power supply manufacturer, saying, "If you're an expert in high-frequency analog electronic circuit design, you can also take measures against EMC noise"
  While designing switching power supplies, we also provide technical cooperation for EMC countermeasures, including the main body of user manufacturers' products.
  The topologies of switching power supplies that we can provide technical know-how are Flyback and Forward.
  I have designed hundreds of switching power supplies under 300W to date.
From the experience of making many antennas myself and verifying the propagation of electromagnetic waves, I am familiar with how to transmit electromagnetic waves efficiently and vice versa.
We analyze and solve problems from the perspective of experts in electromagnetic waves and analog high-frequency circuits.
I started this website because I want as many people as possible to know about my experience and know-how.
●Director profile

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